Men Waxing Services in KL

By experienced and certified male therapist

Less Pain

Hot wax is usually made out of natural ingredients that form a honey-like wax that get thinner a more liquid when hot. It is more delicate for sensitive areas.

Less Body Odor

It’s proven that regular waxing minimize body odour, reduces ingrowth hairs, maintains skin hydrated and longer hair regrowth periods.

Better Confident

Even though it may sound like a purely esthetical situation, the truth is that body waxing brings a lot of benefits for skin, hair, sports and love situations.

Our Story

We are very confident on our services!

When waxing your body hair, you know it’s a process that involves delicate parts of your body and demands a very qualified hand that will actually make the job without unnecessary pain, skin damage or negligence.

As we believe in making client’s comfort and skin health our priority, we strive to offer you great benefits and the best service including everything you need for a perfect waxing. Our services are provided by male therapists with years of experience in body waxing that will make you feel comfortable!


The simplest way to stay FRESH & CLEAN!

Hot wax is usually made out of natural ingredients that form a honey-like wax that get thinner a more liquid when hot. This hot wax comes cold in a recipient and must be heated for the application. After it’s heated, then its applied with a stick and extended on the part that will be waxed. After letting it get cold, they rip it with one movement and all body hair comes with it. It sounds painful but with the right hands you will only feel a brief discomfort and will diminish with the sessions.

• Includes natural ingredients that improve skin health.
• Reduce ingrowth hairs.
• Longer regrowth periods
• Easier to remove waste from the session.
• Maintains skin hydrated.
• More delicate for sensitive areas.

There’re also other techniques that work really great on removing hair from men’s body and are less painful such as shaving or less messy such as cold wax stripe, sugaring, laser and etc but hot wax has survived all this time because it has specific benefits when waxing with it.


Client’s comfort and satisfaction is our priority, therefore we offer the best prices for all our services with convenient packages according to the service you need. See what they say.

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Jack Lim

The therapist is highly knowledgeable, sweet and caring. He gave me a fabulous waxing experience even thou it is my first time. The waxing technique is friendly and professional. You did a great job and I would like to say thank you so much! Great experience!

Sam Kuan

这是我生平第一次尝试做waxing。。之前还很害怕会痛,当做第一个部分的时候,我有点惊讶,因为这和之前的想法完全不一样。我之前会怕waxing过后会红肿和痛,也担心生长出来的毛发会刺,但是做完 waxing 后,才发现毛发会比较细,不会刺刺的,而且很干净!我会推荐Men Waxing 的服务,一流!

Bill from Dubai

Amazing! I had waxing of my back, shoulder, butt & crack plus boyzillian and the base of penis done! Franco was gentle, thorough and detailed. He made sure I was comfortable during the entire appointment – cannot recommend him more highly! Very happy client, cheers.


Professional and excellent in service. Franco knows what he’s doing and the results are satisfactory. There are some unavoidable painful moments (though Franco will try to minimize it) but most of it are bearable. Go for it and I guarantee that you’ll be happy with the outcome done real quickly even before you even know it.

David from Korea

처음으로 왁싱 서비스를 받았는데 여러가지 정보를 알려주셨고 친절하고 많이 아프지 않게 해주셔서 좋았습니다

처음에는 일부 부분은 좀 아플수 있지만 핫왁싱을 해줘서 그런지 예상보다는 크게 아프지도 않았고 한국에 관심도 많으신 분이라 여러가지 대화도 이어갈 수 있어서 좋았습니다.

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What are the benefits of body waxing for men?

The truth is that when we talk about body waxing for men, there is lots of benefits for him.

Our Pricing and Packages

We provide waxing services for full body (shoulder, chest, stomach, arm, full back, thigh, legs, butts & cracks and boyzilian)

No. 69, Jalan Pulau Lumut U10/76K, Alam Budiman, Seksyen U10, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor.